Quantcast Section XV.  BRAKE MAINTENANCE
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TM 10-3930-664-24 Section XV.  BRAKE MAINTENANCE Paragraph Title Page Number Number 2-105 Park Brake Cylinder Replacement 2-291 2-106 Disc Brake Assembly Inspection 2-293 2-107 Disc Brake Assembly Adjustment 2-294 2-108 Brake Pedal Assembly Replacement 2-295 2-109 Brake Pedal Assembly Adjustment 2-297 2-110 Master Cylinder Servicing 2-298 2-111 Master Cylinder Replacement 2-299 2-112 Hydraulic Brake Hose, Line, and Fitting Replacement 2-302 2-105.  PARK BRAKE CYLINDER REPLACEMENT This task covers:  Removal, Cleaning, Inspection, and Installation INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Test Equipment: General Mechanics Tool Kit (1, App.  E) Drain Pan (10, App.  E) 2-291

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