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TM 10-3930-664-24 2-102.  FRONT AXLE ASSEMBLY SERVICING This task covers: Servicing INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Test Equipment: References: General Mechanics Tool Kit (1, App.  E) LO 10-3930-664-12 Drain Pan (10, App.  E) Pressure Bleeder Materials / Parts: Grease (10, App.  C) Lubricating Oil (16, App.  C) Brake Fluid (5, App.  C) A.  SERVICING NOTE Place    pan    beneath    drain    plugs    to catch   fluids.      Dispose   of   fluids   in accordance with local ordinance. 1.  DRAIN AND SERVICE AXLE CASE (4). a. To drain axle case, remove three drain plugs (1). Drain    plugs    are    located    on    bottom    of    each intermediate    cover    (2)    and        at        rear        of differential  housing (opposite driveshaft).  Drain fluid into pan. b. Reinstall drain plugs (1). c. Remove  fill  plugs  (3)  from  axle  cases  (4).    Fill axle  cases  with  oil  until  oil  just  begins  to  flow from fill opening. d. Reinstall fill plugs (3). 2-284

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