Quantcast INSPECTION (Cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_331
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TM 10-3930-664-24 11. Lubricate  grease  cavities  of  cross  assembly  (1) with   grease.      Pack   bearings   (4)   1/4   full   with grease. 12. Place  cross  assembly  (1)  into  flange  yoke  (2). Grease fitting (6) must face towards flange yoke. 13. Position  cross  assembly  (1)  so  that  one  end  of cross  sticks  out  beyond  outer  surface  of  flange yoke hole. 14. Place  first  bearing  (4)  onto  the  exposed  end  of cross  assembly  (1).    Align  bearing  with  hole  in flange yoke. 15. Place flange yoke (2) in an arbor press. Place a solid plug on bearing (4) and press into hole in flange yoke. 16. Install snap ring (5). 17. Repeat steps d through f for opposite bearing. 18. Repeat   steps   11   through   17   to   install   shaft assembly (3) onto cross assembly (1). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install drive shaft (para.  2-99) END OF TASK 2-282

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