Quantcast DISASSEMBLY - TM-10-3930-664-24_328
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TM 10-3930-664-24 5. Turn   flange   yoke   (2)   over   and   place   on   tube stock.  Carefully press on end of cross assembly (1)  so  that  remaining  bearing  (4)  moves  out  of flange yoke. 6. Remove  flange  yoke  (2)  from  cross  assembly (1). 7. Repeat   steps   3   through   6   to   remove    cross assembly (1) from shaft assembly (3). 8. Using a soft drift, tap outside of first bearing  (9) to loosen snap ring (10).  Remove snap ring. 9. Turn   slip   yoke   (8)   over   and   remove   opposite snap ring (10). NOTE Use tube stock with I.D.  of 1.5 inches to    support    flange    yoke    and    shaft assembly. 10. Place slip yoke (8) in an arbor press with a piece of tube stock beneath it.  Position slip yoke with grease fitting (11) up. CAUTION Ensure cross assembly (7) is straight when pressing out bearings.  If cross assembly     is     cocked,     bearing     will score  walls  of  cross  holes  and  ruin slip yoke. 11. Place   a   solid   plug   on   upper   bearing   (9)   and press through to release lower bearing. 12. Turn slip yoke (8) over and place on tube stock. Carefully press on end of cross assembly (7) so that   remaining   bearing   (9)   moves   out   of   slip yoke. 13. Remove slip yoke (8) from cross assembly (7). 14. Remove     bearing     trunions     (12)     from     cross assembly   (7)   by   prying   lockwire   from   slots   in bearing trunions and sliding bearings from cross assembly. 2-279

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