Quantcast MECHANICAL TEST - TM-10-3930-664-24_315
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TM 10-3930-664-24 2. Start  engine  and  move  travel  and  range  select lever  into  3rd  gear,  forward  or  reverse  (F3,  R3) as applicable. 3. Slowly     increase     engine speed to one-half throttle.      Maintain   speed   until   transmission   oil temperature  reaches  operating  range  of  180  to 250 degrees F (82 to 121 C). 4. If  engine  operates  at  low  rpm,  check  engine  for malfunctions.  If engine operates at proper rpm, proceed with mechanical test. B.  MECHANICAL TEST 1. Release hood assembly (1) by lifting handle (2). Open hood assembly. 2. Remove top transmission cover (3) by removing nine screws (4) and washers (5). 3. Check    that    radiator    is    clean    and    free    from obstruction. NOTE All test measurements are to be made after     engine     has     reached     normal operating temperature. Oil temperature    must    be    180    to    220 degrees F (82 to 104 C). 4. Place transmission in neutral. NOTE Use     STE/ICE     tester     to     determine engine speed during pressure checks. 5. Connect pressure gauge to transmission port D. Measure operating pressure.  Minimum pressure shall  be  60  psi  (414  kPa)  at  2000  rpm  engine speed.  Maximum pressure shall be 120 psi (827 kPa) at no-load governed speed (2725 rpm). 6. Move    pressure    gauge    to    port    A.        Measure regulated   clutch   pressure.      Normal   operating pressure  shall  be  240  to  280  psi  (1655  to  1930 kPa) at 2000 rpm engine speed. 2-266

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