Quantcast SERVICING - TM-10-3930-664-24_313
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TM 10-3930-664-24 B. SERVICING 1. Remove transmission fill cap (6). Fill transmission    with    approximately    8    quarts    of transmission fluid. 2. Check fluid level using dipstick (7).  Level should be at "L" mark on dipstick.  Add fluid as required. 3. Start engine and operate at idle.  Maintain speed until transmission oil temperature reaches operating  range  of  180  to  250  degrees  F  (82  to 121 C). 4. Check transmission fluid level using dipstick (7). Level should be above "L" mark on dipstick.  Add fluid as required. 5. Make    a    final    fluid    level    check    once    engine reaches   normal   operating   temperature.      Level should be at the "H" mark on dipstick.  Add fluid as required. 6. Shutdown  engine.    Install  transmission  fill  cap (6). C. BLEED INCHING VALVE 1. Remove transmission top cover (8) by removing nine screws (9) and washers (10). 2. Locate   bleeder   screw   (11).      Screw   is   located near the top of the inching valve (12). 3. Depress  the  service  brake  and  inching  pedal  to actuate   the   inching   valve.      Open   the   bleeder screw (11) to allow air to escape. 4. Close  bleeder  screw  (11)  and  repeat  step  (3) until inching valve is free of air. 5. Apply Loctite 242 to threads of nine transmission cover screws (9).  Install top transmission cover using screws and washers (10). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: None END OF TASK 2-264

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