Quantcast Table 1-3.  Equipment Data - continued - TM-10-3930-664-24_30
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TM 10-3930-664-24 Table 1-3.  Equipment Data - continued Lubrication System: Lube Oil Capacity Lubrication Type Oil Pump Type Oil Filter Type Oil Pressure at Idle (max) Oil Pressure at Rated Speed (min) Regulating Valve Opening Pressure Differential Pressure to Open Bypass Valve Fuel System: Hours of Operation on Full Tank at Governed Speed Fuel Acceptance Rate Fuel Injector Type Injector Size Fuel Injection Pump Type Pump Maximum Operating Pressure Fuel Transfer Pump Type Maximum Transfer Capacity (flow) Fuel Filters (two) Maximum Filter Flow Capacity Filtration Range Cooling System: Type Cooling System Capacity Radiator Capacity Surge Tank Capacity (integral) Coolant Ratio of Coolant o Water Water Pump Type Thermostat Governor: Type Engine Speed Setting ALTERNATOR Make and Model Voltage Maximum Current 11.5 quarts total system, 10.0 quarts in oil pan API Class CE/SF or CE/SG Geroter Full flow, 20-30 microns - 95%, 40 microns and above - 100% 10 PSI (69 kPa) 30 PSI (207 kPa) 60 PSI (414 kPa) 20 PSI (138 kPa) 8.6 hours 24 GPM (90.8 1pm) Closed nozzle 9 mm dia (tip: 4 hole x 0.28 mm) CAV, DPA series 7,350 psi max output to injectors Mechanically driven, diaphragm 0.3 GPM (1.1 1pm) Fleetguard spin-on 0-8 GPM (0-30.3 1pm) 10 micron nominal - 90%, 15 micron nominal - 98% 25 micron and above - 100% Closed water 16.0 quarts (15.1 liters) 9.7 quarts (9.2 liters) 1.3 quarts (1.2 liters) MIL-A-46153 50-50 Centrifugal Modulating, starts to open at 176-181 degrees F (80-83 C), fully stroked at 203 F (95 C) Mechanical, all-speed 2800 RPM Bosch 0-120-489-480 28 volts 45 amps 1-21

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