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TM 10-3930-664-24 I. MULTI-WIRE HARD SHELL CONNECTOR 1.    DISASSEMBLE. NOTE Tag   and   label   all   wires   as   they   are removed    for    ease    of    reassembly. Indicate whether wire is connected to pin or socket-type connector. a. Loosen   two   screws   until   wire   is   free   to rotate. b. Remove terminal assembly from shell. c. Cuts  wires  close   to   terminals.      Remove and discard terminals. d. Remove and discard shell. 2. ASSEMBLE. a. Strip wire.  Use care not to nick or cut wire strands. NOTE If  solid  core  solder  is   used   to   coat wires,   bare   wires   must   be   cleaned with flux before tinning. b. Tin  bare  wire.    Use  rosin-core  solder  to coat bare wire. c. Slide new shell onto wires. d. Insert  wires  into  connector  pins  or  socket wells.  Crimp to secure wires. e. Secure    wires    and    terminal    to    prevent movement.  Solder wires and terminal. 2-243

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