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TM 10-3930-664-24 2-83. WIRING HARNESS REPAIR This task covers: Wiring Harness Connector Disassembly and Assembly INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Test Equipment: Reference: General Mechanics Tool Kit (1, App. E) TB SIG 222 Electrical Tool Kit (28, App. E) Soldering Torch Kit (29, App. E) Materials / Parts: Equipment Condition: Solder (36, App. C) Wiring harness removed Various repair parts (paras. 2-84, 2-86, 2-88) A. GENERAL REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS WARNING Electrical shock hazard.  Disconnect battery ground cable or power source prior to working  on  electrical  components.    Failure  to  heed  warning  could  cause  shock, injury  or  death.    If  electrical  shock  occurs,  administer  first  aid  and  seek  medical assistance immediately. a. Repair   of   wiring   harnesses   and   cables   consists   of   replacement   of   defective   connectors,   shells,   and terminals, or taping cut or worn insulation and exposed wire conductors. b. Disassembly  and  assembly  procedures  are  provided  for  typical  electrical  wires  and  harness  connectors found on the forklift. c. Tag and label all wires as they are removed for ease of reassembly. d. Determine wire strip length using Table 2-5. Table 2-5.  Wire Strip Length Wire Size Length A +/- 0.020 20 0.188 16 0.250 12 0.250 8 0.500 4 0.500 0 0.625 e. When soldering is required, procedures in TB SIG 222 must be followed. 2-237

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