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TM 10-3930-664-24 C. MEASURING RESISTANCE 1. SET UP AND ZERO MULTIMETER. a. Before using multimeter, check mechanical zero of meter. If meter pointer is  not  exactly  over  zero  line,  reset  pointer by rotating adjusting screw. 2. DISCONNECT CIRCUIT TO BE TESTED FROM POWER SOURCE. 3. SET   MULTIMETER   SELECTOR   SWITCH   TO PROPER OHM TEST RANGE. 4. CONNECT   MULTIMETER   PROBES   ACROSS CIRCUIT BEING MEASURED. NOTE Figure   shows   measurement   of   one wire in a three-wire harness. 5. READ METER AND DETERMINE OHMS. a. If  meter  is  set  to  RXI  or  XI  ohm  range, reading is taken directly from top of scale. b. If meter is set to ohm range other than RXI or  X1,  scale  reading  must  be  multiplied. Refer to Table 2-3. Table 2-3. Ohm Reading Switch Setting Scale X1 / RX1 Actual scale reading X10 / RX10 Reading x 10 X100 / RX100 Reading x 100 X1K / RX1K Reading x 1000 X10K / RXIOK Reading x 10,000 6. ZERO MULTIMETER IF OHM RANGE CHANGES. 2-234

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