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TM 10-3930-664-24 2-82. WIRING HARNESS TESTING This task covers: Continuity and Short Circuit Testing, Measuring Resistance, and Measuring DC and AC Voltage INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Test Equipment: Multimeter (6, App. E) NOTE Proper operation of electrical components    depends    upon    proper grounding.        When    troubleshooting components  that  depend  on  screws or     physical     contact     for     electrical ground     use     a     jumper     wire     from component  to  forklift  frame  to  check grounding. NOTE Do   not   touch   multimeter   probes   to component   terminal   caps.      Contact causes false readings. NOTE This task contains general information   for   multimeter   use.   Use of your multimeter may vary.  Refer to multimeter operators manual for specific  set-up,  adjustment,  and  use instructions. A.          CONTINUITY TESTING 1. SET UP AND ZERO MULTIMETER. a. Before using multimeter, check mechanical zero of meter.  If meter pointer is  not  exactly  over  zero  line,  reset  pointer by rotating adjusting screw. 2-232

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