Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_277
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TM 10-3930-664-24 3. REMOVE TRANSMISSION COVER TOP (6) BY REMOVING NINE SCREWS (7) AND WASHERS (8). NOTE Rear    bolt    on    slave    receptacle    (9) holds   two   cables;   one   from   battery and one from starter.  Tag each cable for ease of installation. 4. TAG AND DISCONNECT POSITIVE CABLE (4) AND    STARTER    CABLE    (10)    FROM    SLAVE RECEPTACLE (9) BY REMOVING BOLT (11). 5. REMOVE   GROUND   CABLE   (3)   FROM   DCA SHUNT (14) BY REMOVING SCREW (12) AND LOCKWASHER (13). B.          CLEANING Clean battery cables in accordance with paragraph 1-24. C.          INSPECTION Inspect cables for cuts, tears, or damage. Inspect cable lugs for corrosion. D.          INSTALLATION 1. CONNECT    GROUND    CABLE    (3)    TO    DCA SHUNT   (14)   AND   SECURE   USING   SCREW (12) AND LOCKWASHER (13). NOTE Rear    bolt    on    slave    receptacle    (9) holds   two   cables;   one   from   battery and one from starter. 2. CONNECT POSITIVE CABLE (4) AND STARTER CABLE (10) TO SLAVE RECEPTACLE (9) USING BOLT (11). 3. APPLY    LOCTITE    TO    THREADS    OF    NINE SCREWS (7). INSTALL TRANSMISSION COVER TOP (6) USING SCREWS AND WASHERS (8). 2-228

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