Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_266
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TM 10-3930-664-24 1. Remove   nut   (1)   and   washer   (2).      Tag   and disconnect   electrical   wire   (3)   from   fuel   level sending unit (4). CAUTION Use    care    when    removing    fuel    level sending  unit  (4)  to  prevent  damage  to level rod (7). 2. Remove     screws     (5) and lockwashers (6). Carefully  lift  fuel  level  sending  unit  (4)  from  fuel tank (9), making sure not to bend level rod (7). 3. Remove and discard gasket (8). B.  CLEANING Clean    fuel    level    sending    unit    in    accordance    with paragraph 1-24. C.  INSPECTION 1. Inspect   level   rod    for    bends,    kinks,    or    other damage.  Ensure rod moves freely. 2. Inspect  sending  unit  and  related  components  in accordance with paragraph 1-24. D.  INSTALLATION 1. Install new gasket (8) onto fuel tank (9), ensuring proper hole alignment. CAUTION Use    care    when    installing    fuel    level sending  unit  (4)  to  prevent  damage  to level rod (7). 2. Carefully  insert  fuel  level  sending  unit  (4)  into fuel  tank  (6),  making  sure  not  to  bend  level  rod (7).    Secure  using  screws  (5)  and  lockwashers (6). 3. Connect  electrical  wire  (3)  to  fuel  level  sending unit (4).  Secure using nut (1) and washer (2). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Connect battery cables (para.  2-78) END OF TASK 2-217

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