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TM 10-3930-664-24 D. INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL LAMPS (7, 8) AND LIGHT BARS (13,     15)   INTO    COMPOSITE    LIGHT ASSEMBLY. a. Position  lower  light  bar  into  light  body  (12)  and secure by turning internal screw (17).  Snap front half of light bar (15) onto rear half (16). b. Position upper light bar (13) into light body (12). Secure by inserting a thin blade screwdriver into hole (14) and turning screw. c. Install packing (11). d. Install  composite    light  face  plate  (9)  onto  light body (12) using three outer screws (10). e. Carefully install lamps (7, 8) into light body (12). f. Install  composite  light  lens  (4)  onto  light  body (12) using three outer screws (5) and two interior screws (6). 2. INSTALL COMPOSITE LIGHT ASSEMBLY (1) INTO RIGHT REAR LIGHT BOX (2). a. Apply loctite to threads of screws (3). b. Position   composite   light   assembly   (1)   in   right rear light box (2).  Feed electrical wiring through hole in rear of light box. c. Install    screws    (3)    to    secure    composite    light assembly (1) to light box (2). d. Connect    electrical    wires    to    composite     light assembly (1). 3. REPEAT STEP 2 FOR LEFT REAR COMPOSITE LIGHT ASSEMBLY. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Connect battery cables (para.  2-78) END OF TASK 2-200

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