Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_232
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TM 10-3930-664-24 B.  CLEANING Clean  circuit  breakers  in  accordance  with  paragraph  1- 24. C.  INSPECTION Inspect    circuit    breakers    and    related    components    in accordance with paragraph 1-24. D.  INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL   CIRCUIT   BREAKERS   (1,   2,   3)   TO INSTRUMENT   PANEL   USING   SCREWS   (15) AND    NUTS    (16).        ENSURE    THAT    SHORT STUD   ON   EACH   CIRCUIT   BREAKER   IS   ON TOP. 2. CONNECT  ELECTRICAL  WIRES  TO  CIRCUIT BREAKERS (1, 2, 3). a. Connect   red   wire   (4)   to   short   stud   on circuit breaker (1).  Connect red wire (5) to long stud. b. Connect   blue   wire   (6)   to   short   stud   on circuit  breaker  (2).    Connect  orange  (7), purple (8), yellow (9), and brown (10) wires to long stud. c. Connect   green   wire   (11)   and   two   blue wires   (12,   13)   to   short   stud   on   circuit breaker  (3).    Connect  purple  wire  (14)  to long stud. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Connect battery cables (para.  2-78) END OF TASK 2-183

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