Quantcast INSTALLATION (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_227
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TM 10-3930-664-24 7. Connect  two  wires  (22,  23)  to  stoplight  switch (21).      Apply   sealant   to   connections   at   switch, ensuring sealant completely covers wire terminals and terminals on switch. 8. Route   floodlight   wiring   along   front   uprights   of ROPS.      Secure   using   wire   ties   (11)   equally spaced along uprights. 9. Install  wiring  harness  clamps  (9)  using  screws (10). 10. Connect  front  floodlight  wiring  to  wiring  harness using connectors (8). 11. Connect   dash   wiring   harness   plugs   (6,   7)   to main wiring harness. 12. Install  instrument  panel  covers  (1)  and  master cylinder cover (2) using screws (3) and washers (4).  Clamps (5) are secured by screws on sides of front covers. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install transmission shifter (para.  2-91) Install steering column (para.  2-118) END OF TASK 2-178

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