Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_195
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TM 10-3930-664-24 WARNING Use  a  clean  thick  waste  cloth  or  like to    remove    the    cap.        Avoid    using gloves, because you could be burned if hot water soaked through them. 1. Slowly  loosen  radiator  cap  (3)  to  first  stop.    Allow pressure release.  Remove cap. 2. Release   hood   assembly   (2)   by   lifting   handle   (1). Open hood assembly. 3. Place   drain   pan   beneath   drain   tube   (4).      Move handle  on  drain  cock  (5)  to  open  position  and  drain radiator. 4. Return handle on drain cock (5) to closed position. B.  CLEANING Clean and flush radiator in accordance with TM 750-254. C.  SERVICING NOTE Use   a   50-50   mix   of   ethylene   glycol (MIL-A-46153)    and    clean    water    for radiator  coolant.    Plain  water  is  not recommended.    Mix  coolant  mixture before pouring into radiator. 1. Fill  radiator  with  coolant.    Radiator  has  a  5  gallon capacity. 2. Close hood assembly (2).  Ensure handle (1) is fully engaged. 3. Install radiator cap (3). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Raise towbar and lock in position  (para. 2-126) END OF TASK 2-146

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