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TM 10-3930-664-24 C.  INSPECTION Inspect  actuator  and  related  components  in  accordance with paragraph 1-24. D.  INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL ACCELERATOR ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY (3)  ONTO  FLOOR  PLATE.    CONNECT  HOSES  (1, 2). a. Apply teflon tape to threads of elbow (7).  Install elbow  into  accelerator actuator assembly (3). b. Mate  accelerator  actuator  assembly  (3)  to  floor plate     mounting     holes.          Install     screws     (4), accelerator stop (5), and nuts (6). c. Install   spacer   (12)   between   rod   end   (11)   and pedal  (9).    Install  screw  (10)  into  mounting  hole noted during removal. d. Connect hoses (1, 2) to elbow (7) and accelerator actuator assembly fitting. 2. BLEED ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY. NOTE Capacity  of  throttle  control  reservoir is   small.      Check      fluid      level      in reservoir  frequently  and  add  fluid  as necessary during bleeding process. a. Depress    accelerator    pedal    and  open  bleeder screw (8) to allow air to escape. b. Close bleeder screw (8) and release accelerator pedal. c. Repeat  steps  a.  and  b.  until fluid flowing from bleeder screw (8) is free of air. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Service accelerator control reservoir (para.  2-41) END OF TASK 2-142

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