Quantcast INSTALLATION - TM-10-3930-664-24_172
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TM 10-3930-664-24 D.   INSTALLATION NOTE Wrap  pipe  threads  of  all  fuel  fittings with teflon tape before assembling. 1.     Install   elbow   (12)   and   fitting   (13).      Connect   fuel return line (11) to elbow and fitting. 2.     Install    fitting    (5)    and    elbow    (7)    into    fuel/water separator (10). 3.     Connect  fuel  supply  line  (6)  to  elbow  (7)  and  fuel pump (8).  Secure fuel supply line using two clamps (9) and attaching hardware. 4.     Connect  fuel  supply  line  (3)  to  elbow  (4)  and  fitting (5). 5.     Close hood assembly (2).  Ensure handle (1) is fully engaged. FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Service  fuel  tank  (para.    2-34)   Bleed   fuel   system (para.  2-27) Raise towbar and lock in position (para. 2-126) END OF TASK 2-123

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