Quantcast CLEANING - TM-10-3930-664-24_171
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TM 10-3930-664-24 NOTE Place   pan   beneath   fuel   lines   when removing to capture residual fuel. 2.     Disconnect  fuel  supply  line  (3)  from  elbow  (4)  and fitting (5). 3.     Disconnect  fuel  supply  line  (6)  from  elbow  (7)  and fuel pump (8). 4.     Remove   fitting   (5)   and   elbow   (7)   from   fuel/water separator   (10)   only   if replacement is required. 5.     Disconnect fuel return line (II1) from elbow (12) and fitting    (13).        Remove    elbow    and    fitting    only    if replacement is required. B.  CLEANING Clean fuel lines and fittings in accordance with paragraph 1-24. C.  INSPECTION 1.     Inspect fuel lines for cracks, splits, cuts, evidence of leakage,   and   obvious   damage.      Replace    line    if damaged. 2.     Inspect fuel line nuts for security.  Check for crossed, stripped, or damaged threads. 3.     Inspect    fuel    fittings    and    related    components    in accordance with paragraph 1-24. 2-122

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