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TM 10-3930-664-24 1.     Place   handle   of   fuel   shutoff   valve   (1)   in   closed position (handle parallel to side of tank). NOTE Fuel  tank  capacity  is  27  gallons.    It may   be   necessary   to   drain   tank   in portions. 2.     Place  pan  beneath  drain  plug  (2)  in  bottom  of  tank (3).  Remove drain plug and drain fuel tank. 3.     Wrap   threads   of   drain   plug   (2)   with   teflon   tape. Reinstall drain plug after all fuel is drained. 4.     Place  handle  of  shutoff  valve  (1)  in  open  position after servicing fuel tank. B.  STRAINER REMOVAL 1.     Remove  cap  (4)  from  flange  (5).    Remove  flange from fuel tank (3) by removing six screws (6). NOTE To     avoid     possible contamination, cover filler neck opening once strainer has been removed. 2.     Remove  gaskets  (7)  and  fuel  strainer  (8).    Discard gaskets. 3.     Remove breather (9) from fuel tank (3). C.  CLEANING 1.     Clean fuel strainer and breather by agitating in  clean fuel.   Ensure  all particles are removed from mesh. Allow to air dry. 2.     Clean   remaining   components   in   accordance   with paragraph 1-24. 2-119

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