Quantcast BLEEDING - TM-10-3930-664-24_153
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TM 10-3930-664-24 E.  BLEEDING WARNING Do not bleed a hot engine.  Fuel may spill onto hot exhaust manifold creating fire danger.  Pressure in fuel line   can   penetrate   skin   and   cause serious   bodily   injury.      Use   extreme caution. 1.     BLEED LOW PRESSURE FUEL LINE (12). a. Loosen hose assembly (1). b. Operate transfer pump hand lever (41) until fuel flowing from screw fitting is free of air. c. Tighten hose assembly (1). 2.     BLEED HIGH PRESSURE FUEL LINES (15). a. Start engine. b. Vent  high  pressure  lines   (15)   at   fuel   injectors (16) one at a time until engine runs smoothly. c. Shutdown engine. 3.     TORQUE HIGH PRESSURE  FUEL  LINE  NUTS  TO 18 FT-LBS (24 Nm). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install fuel filter (para.    2-36)  Raise  towbar  and  lock in position (para.  2-126) END OF TASK 2-104

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