Quantcast INSTALTATION (cont) - TM-10-3930-664-24_152
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TM 10-3930-664-24 11.  INSTALL   LOW   PRESSURE   AND   FUEL   SUPPLY LINES (10, 12). a. Connect   fuel   supply   line   (12)   to   engine   using banjo    connector    screw    (8)    and    new    sealing washers (13). b. Connect  low  pressure  fuel  line  (10)   to   engine using banjo connector screw (8) and new sealing washers (11). c. Connect  low  pressure  fuel  line  (10)  to  fuel  lift transfer pump (14). 13.  TORQUE BANJO CONNECTOR SCREWS (8) TO 6 FT-LBS (8 Nm). 14.  INSTALL   TEES   (3),   ADAPTER   (7),   ELBOW   (6), AND    NEW     O-RINGS     (9).          CONNECT     HOSE ASSEMBLIES (1, 2). a. Install new  O-rings (9) onto tees (3).  Install tees into banjo connector screws (8). b. Install  fitting  (5)  onto  upper  tee  (3).    Install  pipe plug   (4)   into   fitting.      Tighten   fitting   until   hand tight, then tighten an additional flat. c. Install pressure sensor adapter (7) and elbow (6) onto  lower  tee  (3).    Tighten  adapter  and  elbow until hand tight, then tighten an additional flat. c. Connect hose assemblies (1, 2) onto tees (3). 2-103

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