Quantcast Section II.  EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION AND DATA - TM-10-3930-664-24_15
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TM 10-3930-664-24 Section II.  EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION AND DATA Paragraph Title Page Number Number 1-10 Equipment Characteristics, Capabilities, and Features 1-6 1-11 Location and Description of Major Components 1-6 1-12 Differences Between Models 1-19 1-13 Equipment Data 1-19 1-14 Safety, Care, and Handling 1-23 1-10.  EQUIPMENT CHARACTERISTICS, CAPABILITIES, AND FEATURES. a. The  following  description  pertains  to  the  Diesel-Engine-Driven,  Pneumatic  Tired,  4000  Pound  Capacity  Rough Terrain  Forklift  Truck,  Models  MHE-270  (NSN  3930-01-330-8907)  and  MHE-271  (NSN  3930-01-330-8906),  hereafter referred to as the forklift.  The forklift includes the following features: Designed for use as a material handling forklift Capable of loading and unloading the eight foot wide by eight foot high family of ANSI/ISO cargo containers Handle, transport, and stack containers, boxes, and palletized loads weighing up to the rated capacity of 4000 pounds Good   mobility   to   operate   on   various   types   of   terrain   including   work   areas   where   high   flotation   and   traction characteristics are required. Can lift a load (within rated capacity) to a 120 inches (maximum) Can move load laterally (left or right) 22 inches (maximum) b. The forklift is composed of the ten major systems and assemblies listed below. Refer  to Operator’s  Manual, TM 10-3930-664-10, for a complete  description  of characteristics, capabilities, and features of these assemblies. Powertrain Assembly Fuel System Exhaust System Cooling System Electrical System Brake System Steering System Chassis Assembly Hydraulic System Mast Assembly 1-11.  LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR COMPONENTS. a. Refer to Operator’s Manual, TM 10-3930-664-10, for basic information pertaining to the major components of the forklift.      See   Figures   1-2   and   1-3   in   this   manual   for   locations   of   major   assemblies,   subassemblies,   and   system components. b. Refer to Figures 1-4 and 1-5 for the location and content of each stencil, identification plate, and instruction plate mounted to the forklift.  Details are provided for fabrication of damaged or illegible plates or markings. 1-6

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