Quantcast REMOVAL - TM-10-3930-664-24_142
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TM 10-3930-664-24 A.  REMOVAL WARNING Fuel  is  very  flammable  and  can  easily  explode.    To avoid serious  injury  or  death,  observe  the  following precautions:    -  Keep  away  from  open  flame  or  any spark (ignition source). -  Keep  at  least  a  B-C  fire  extinguisher  within  easy reach when working with fuel or on the fuel system. - Do not work on fuel system when engine is hot. -   Post   signs   that   read   "NO   SMOKING   WITHIN   50 FEET"  when  working  with  open  fuel,  fuel  lines,  or fuel tank. 1.     Release   hood   assembly   (2)   by   lifting   handle   (1). Open hood assembly. NOTE Place  drain  pan  beneath  lines  when disconnecting.  Drain lines into pan. 2.     Tag  and  disconnect  fuel  lines   (3,   4)   from   fuel   lift transfer pump (5). 3.     Remove   transfer   pump   (5)   from   engine   block   by removing  screws  (6).    Remove  and  discard  gasket (7). 4.     Scrape  gasket  remnants  from  pump  and sealing surface to ensure proper seal. 5. Remove adapter (8) from transfer pump (5). B.  CLEANING Clean transfer pump in accordance with paragraph 1-24. C.  INSPECTION Inspect components in accordance with paragraph 1-24. 2-93

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