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TM 10-3930-664-24 1-5.  NOMENCLATURE CROSS-REFERENCE LIST. Refer to Table 1-2 for a listing of simplified and common item names used in this manual. Table 1-2.  Nomenclature Cross-Reference List Common Name Official Nomenclature Forklift or 4K RTFL Truck, Forklift, 4000 Lb Capacity, Rough Terrain, DED, Pneumatic Tire 1-6.   REPORTING EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS (EIR’s). If your forklift needs improvement, let us know.  Send us an EIR.  You, the user, are the only one who can tell us what you don’t like about your equipment.  Put it on an SF 368 (Quality Deficiency Report).  Mail it to:  Commander, US Army Tank- Automotive Command, Attn:  AMSTA-QRT, Warren, MI 48397.  We’ll send you a reply. 1-7.  WARRANTY INFORMATION. Refer to the Warranty Technical Bulletin TB 10-3930-664-14 for information on warranty policies and coverage. 1-8.  USE OF METRIC UNITS. The  equipment  described  herein  contains  metric  components  and  requires  metric  common  and  special  tools;  therefore metric units in addition to English units will be used throughout this publication. 1-9.  CORROSION PREVENTION AND CONTROL (CPC). a. Corrosion  Prevention  and  Control  (CPC)  of  Army  materiel  is  a  continuing  concern.    It  is  important  that  any corrosion   problems   with   the   forklift   and   its   components   be   reported   so   that   the   problem   can   be   corrected   and improvements can be made to prevent the problem in future components. b. While corrosion is typically associated with rusting of metals, it can also include deterioration of  other  materials, such  as  rubber  and  plastic.    Unusual  cracking,  softening,  swelling,  or  breaking  of  these  materials  may  be  a  corrosion problem. c. If  a  corrosion  problem  is  identified,  it  can  be  reported  using  Standard  Form  368,  Product  Quality  Deficiency Report.    Use  of  key  words  such  as  "corrosion",  "rust",  "deterioration",  or  "cracking"  will  ensure  that  the  information  is identified as a CPC problem. 1-5

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