Quantcast Repair During Storage
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TM 10-3930-664-24 k. Repair During Storage.  Keep the forklift in an optimum state of readiness.  Accomplish required services and repairs as expeditiously as possible.  Whenever possible, perform maintenance "on-site". l. Exercising  During  Storage.    Exercise  the  forklift  in  accordance  with  the  schedule  outlined  in  Table  1-1. Limit  depreservation  to  removal  of  materials  that  will  restrict  exercising.    Perform  all  Before,  During,  and  After  PMCS procedures (Chapter 2).  Conduct applicable ESC inspections. m. Immediately take actions to correct shortcomings and deficiencies noted.  Record inspection and exercise results  on  DA  Form  2404.    Record  and  report  maintenance  actions  on  DA  Form  2407.    After  exercising,  restore  the preservation to the original condition. n. Replenish fuel and oil used during exercising and note the amount on DA Form 2408-1. o. Removal From Storage.  Restore forklift to normal operating condition.  Resume the maintenance service schedule in effect at the commencement of storage or service the forklift before the scheduled dates in order to produce a staggered maintenance workload. Table 1-1.  Forklift Exercising During Storage INFORMATION TO BE SUPPLIED BY U.S.  ARMY TACOM 1-4

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