Quantcast INSTALLATION - TM-10-3930-664-24_127
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TM 10-3930-664-24 E.  INSTALLATION NOTE If   new   oil   cooler   is   being   installed, ensure shipping plugs are removed. 1.     Install plug (12) into filter head (2). 2.     Mate core gasket (11) and cooler core (10) to cooler sealing surface. 3.     Mate  filter  head  gasket  (9)  to  filter  head  (2).    Install filter head using fourteen screws (8). 4.     Torque screws (8) to 18 ft-lbs (24 Nm). 5.     Install  new  O-ring  (13)  onto  adapter  (7)  and  install adapter   and   elbows   (5,   6)    onto    filter    head    (2). Connect tube (4). 6.     Install filter adapter (3) into oil filter head (2). 7. Fill new oil filter (1) with oil.  Apply a light coat of oil to filter sealing gasket. 8.     Install new oil filter (1) onto filter adapter (3). FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE: Install    alternator    (para.        2-55)    Service    radiator coolant (para. 2-46) Service engine oil in accordance with Lubrication Order      END OF TASK 2-78

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