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TM 10-3930-664-24 3.  ADJUST VALVE CLEARANCE. a. Loosen adjusting screw lock nut (9). b. Rotate adjusting screw (10) until proper clearance is achieved between rocker lever  and valve stem (11). c. Tighten  locknut  (9).      Recheck  clearance  and adjust as required. 4.    TORQUE LOCKNUT (9) TO 18 FT-LBS (24 Nm). CAUTION Ensure     timing     pin     is     disengaged before rotating crankshaft. 5. MATCH   MARK   CRANKSHAFT   PULLEY   (12)   TO GEAR COVER. MANUALLY ROTATE CRANKSHAFT 360 DEGREES. 6 USING      A  FEELER  GAGE,  CHECK  REMAINING VALVES FOR PROPER CLEARANCE. a. Intake   valve   (I)   clearance   shall   be   0.010   in (0.254 mm). b. Exhaust  valve  (E)  clearance  shall  be  0.020  in (0.508 mm). 7. ADJUST VALVE CLEARANCE (STEP 3) IF REQUIRED. 2-72

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