Quantcast ADJUSTMENT - TM-10-3930-664-24_120
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TM 10-3930-664-24 B.  ADJUSTMENT NOTE Adjust    valve    clearance    only    when engine  is  cold  (below  140  degrees  F (66 degrees C)). 1. LOCATE TOP DEAD CENTER (TDC) FOR CYLINDER NUMBER 1. a. Press  on  engine  timing  pin  (7)  (located  below fuel    injection    pump)  while  manually      rotating crankshaft    until    timing    pin    engages    hole    in camshaft   gear   (8).      Cylinder   I   is   now   at   Top Dead Center (TDC) on compression stroke. b. Disengage timing pin (7). 2.    USING     FEELER     GAGE, CHECK VALVES IN FIGURE FOR PROPER CLEARANCE. a. Intake   valve   (I)   clearance   shall   be   0.010   in (0.254 mm). b. Exhaust  valve  (E)  clearance  shall  be  0.020  in (0.508 mm). NOTE Clearance     is     correct     when     some friction is felt as feeler gage is moved between valve stem and rocker lever. 2-71

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