TM 10-3930-660-34 3-7. CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY - REPLACE/REPAIR  (Cont’d) REMOVAL 1. REMOVE TOP RADIATOR MOUNT (3). Remove three capscrews (1) and lockwashers (2),and top radiator mount (3).Discard lockwashers (2). 2. REMOVE 14 CAPSCREWS (4) AND SIX CAPCREWS (5) FROM CYLINDER HEAD (6). WORK FROM CENTER TO ENDS OF CYLINDER. 3. REMOVE CYLINDER HEAD (6). a. Attach lifting chains and hoist (or other suitable lifting device) to engine lifting brackets. The cylinder head weighs approximately 114 pounds. CAUTION Do not lower cylinder head onto a flat surface as this could damage the valves. b. Slowly and carefully lift the cylinder head from the cylinder block and place it on a suitable stand or platform that will support the bottom perimeter of the cylinder head. 4. REMOVE AND DISCARD CYLINDER HEAD GASKET (7). DISASSEMBLY 1. REMOVE ENGINE LIFTING BRACKETS, PARA.3-5. 2. IDENTIFY INTAKE AND EXHAUST VALVES (8 and 9) IN RESPECT TO THEIR LOCATION IN THE CYLINDER HEAD. Mark the intake valves (8) and exhaust valves (9) to identify their location in the cylinder head. 3-37