TM 10-3930-660-34 3-6. CYLINDER BLOCK - REPLACE (Cont’d) 8. INSTALL CAMSHAFT BUSHING (1). a. Mark location of oil hole (19) in camshaft bore using felt pen. b. Place camshaft bushing (1) in its bore, taking care to align oil hole in bushing with oil hole (19) in camshaft bore. c. Install camshaft bushing (1) until bushing is flush with face of cylinder block. d. Check oil hole alignments by inserting a 0.128 inch (3.2 mm) diameter rod into bushing oil hole (20) and insuring that rod can also enter oil hole (19) in camshaft bore. NOTE The specified rod diameter represents the minimum sized oil passage required for adequate camshaft bushing lubrication.  Remove and reinstall camshaft bushing (1) if oil hole alignment is unsatisfactory. 9. INSTALL FOLLOWING COMPONENTS AND ASSEMBLIES. a. Engine oil cooler, para.3-23. b. Crankshaft main bearings, para. 3-9. c. Connecting rods and bearings, para. 3-15. d. Flywheel housing and cover, para.  3-13. e. Crankshaft, para.3-8. f. Camshaft and timing gears, para. 3-18. g. Valve tappets, para.3-17. 10. INSTALL ENGINE IN VEHICLE, PARA.3-3. 3-35