TM 10-3930-660-34 3-6. CYLINDER BLOCK - REPLACE (Cont’d) 3. INSPECT PISTON COOLING NOZZLES (18) FOR RESTRICTED OIL PASSAGES OR DAMAGE. CLEAN CLOGGED PASSAGES USING FINE, SOFT WIRE. REPLACE NOZZLES IF CONDITION IS IN DOUBT. INSTALLATION 1. IF REMOVED, INSTALL SIX PISTON COOLING NOZZLES (18),USING HAMMER AND A SUITABLE PUNCH. NOTE When installed, piston cooling nozzles must be flush with or slightly below bearing saddle surface. 2. INSTALL MISCELLANEOUS PARTS ON CYLINDER BLOCK, AS APPLICABLE. a. Install two dowel pins (17). b. Install two expansion plugs (16). c. Install fourteen dowel rings (15), if removed. d. Install two dowel rings (11) and two dowel rings (12),if removed. 3. INSTALL NEW O-RING (10),OIL FILLER PIPE (9) AND TWO SCREWS (8). 4. INSTALL SIX NEW CUP PLUGS (6) AND FOUR NEW CUP PLUGS (7) IN COOLANT PASSAGES. a. Apply a bead of Loctite #277 to entire circumference of each new cup plug (6 and 7). b. Install new cup plugs (6 and 7) with convex side out until outer edges are flush with countersink in block. 3-33