TM 10-3930-660-34 3-6. CYLINDER BLOCK - REPLACE (Cont’d) b. Measure gap under straight edge in area between cylinders (five measurements, total) using a feeler gauge. c. Maximum allowable variation between any two of the five measurements is 0.002 inch. 2. INSPECT CYLINDER BORES. a. Visually inspect all bores for excessive glazing. Deglaze cylinder bores, as required. NOTE A properly deglazed cylinder bore surface will have a crosshatched appearance with lines at angles from 15 to 25 degrees with respect to top of cylinder block. Included angles on crosshatch will be from 30 to 50 degrees. b. Measure diameter of each cylinder bore, from a point 1 inch below top of cylinder block to a point 5.5 inches below top of cylinder block. c. Minimum allowable diameter is 4.0157 inches. d. Maximum allowable diameter is 4.0203 inches. e. Maximum allowable taper is 0.003 inch. f. Maximum allowable out-of- roundness is 0.0015 inch. 3-32