TM 10-3930-660-34 3-6. CYLINDER BLOCK - REPLACE This task covers: a. Removal b. Cleaning c. Inspection d. Installation Initial Setup Tools Materials/Parts Tool Kit, Automotive Mechanics Cup Plugs (5,6 and 7) Inside Micrometer, 5 inch Lint-Free Rags (App. B, Item 38) Loctite #59241 (App. B, Item 45) Torque Wrench, 175 lb. ft. Loctite #277 (App. B, Item 44) O-Ring (10) Equipment Condition Engine removed from vehicle, para. Connecting rods and bearings removed, 3-3. para. 3-15. Valve tappets removed,para.3-17. Crankshaft main bearings removed, Camshaft and timing gears removed, para. 3-9. para.3-18. Engine oil cooler removed, para. Crankshaft removed, para.3-8. para.3-23. Flywheel housing and cover removed, para.3-13. Cylinder head assembly removed, para.3-7. REMOVAL 1. REMOVE CAMSHAFT BUSHING AND EXPANSION PLUG. a. Remove camshaft bushing (1) by driving bushing inward. CAUTION When removing camshaft expansion plug (2) in step b, below, use care not to damage camshaft bore with drift. A damaged camshaft bore can lead to premature camshaft wear. b. Remove camshaft expansion plug (2) by driving against inside face of plug with a hammer and a long drift. 3-30