TM10-3930-660-34 3-3.  ENGINE ASSEMBLY - REPLACE (Cont’d) NOTE Weight of the engine assembly is approximately 1, 075 lb. 2.  INSTALL ENGINE. a.  Install two new front rubber mounts (56) and rear rubber mount (57). b.  Attach lifting chains, with a lifting capacity of 2, 000 lb., to front and rear engine lifting brackets. c.  Attach lifting chains to forklift truck forks, or other suitable lifting device.    Slowly  lift  and  install  engine  through  the  back  of  the engine   compartment.   Lift   engine   high   enough   to   clear   rear frame support bar. d.    Slowly  lower  engine  into  position  over  rubber  mounts.    Install capscrews  (50  and  54),  rebound  washers  (49  and  53)  and locknuts (48 and 52). NOTE There   are   two   locknuts,   rebound   washers, and capscrews attaching the front two engine mounts to the vehicle frame. e.    Remove  lifting  chains.    Remove  hoist  (forklift  truck  or  utilized lifting device) from the vehicle area. f.  Torque locknuts (48 and 52) to 307 lb.  ft. 3-15