TM10-3930-660-34 Figure C-5 Yoke Tool Nut Item Description 1 Steel Plate,  1/4 in X 6 in X 6 in 2 Steel Bar Stock,  1-1/2 in X 1-1/2 in X 3/8 in 3 Steel Bar Stock,  1/2 in.  X 1 in.  X 3 ft. WARNING Wear eye shields and protective gloves when fabricating the yoke nut tool. Flying metal particles and heated metal may cause serious personal injury. 1.  Cut steel plate (1) to size 6" X 6" square as shown in view A. Remove all burrs and sharp edges with a hand file. 2.  Drill two 3/8" holes in plate as shown in view A. 3.  Cut out a 3-3/8" diameter hole in plate as shown in view A. 4.  Build a gusset,  as shown in view B,  from steel bar stock (2). 5.  Hold bar stock (2) to steel plate (1),  as shown in view C,  with a C-clamp, and spot weld the two parts together. 6.  Place gusset (view B) in the area shown in view C. 7.    Weld a single bead over all adjoining metal. C-5