TM10-3930-660-34 16-21.PISTON PUEP - REPAIR (Cont’d) f.  Install pin retainer (24) into cylinder block (17) with the open end of retainer facing away from the large spline openings. Position pin retainer (24) so that it is approximately 1/4 inch below the surface of the cylinder block. g.  Install three pins (16) into cylinder block (17) until they bottom against spring washer (23) already installed in cylinder block. h.  Place spherical washer (24) on top of the three pins (16). Install shoe plate (19) and nine piston and shoe assemblies (23) over spherical washer (24) and into cylinder block (17).Move shoe plate (19) in a side to side and up and down motion to make sure each piston moves freely in its bore. i.  Place housing (6) on its side and hold shaft (15) horizontal. Install rotating group parts (18) into housing (6).Turn shaft (15) to match splines in cylinder block (17) and spherical washer (24). j.  Place new gasket (10) over pins (49) and put housing (6) aside for final assembly. 9.   ASSEMBLE AND INSTALL VALVE BLOCK (3). NOTE Lubricate all moving parts of piston pump with hydraulic oil to facilitate assembly and provide initial lubrication.  Pour hydraulic oil liberally over rotating group parts and wafer plate as these components are without lubrication until the pump primes. 16-141