TM10-3930-660-34 16-21.PISTON PUKP - REPAIR (Cont’d) 6.   ASSEMBLE VALVE BLOCK. a.  Use fabricated tool (App.  C,  Fig. C-14) and an arbor press to install new bearing race (48). Press race (48) until it bottoms against shoulder in valve block (3). NOTE Check flatness of valve block face in area around locating pin holes (B) and at mounting screw (A) holes.  If necessary,  use an India stone to remove burrs or raised metal in these areas. b.  Install pipe plug (45) into valve block. 7.   ADJUST SHAFT BEARING PRELOAD. NOTE If the shaft bearings,  shaft,  valve block or housing were not replaced,  use the bearing spacer removed during disassembly to preload the shaft and perform step g.  If any of these items were replaced,  preload adjustment is required. NOTE The bearing spacer kit contains several different sizes of bearing spacers (14). a.  Install thickest bearing spacer (14) over shaft (15),  with chamfer facing into housing (6). b.  Slide bearing (13) onto shaft (15).Small diameter of bearing must face out of housing. c.  Temporarily install housing (6) on valve block (3).Do not install gasket (10) or rotating group parts (18) at this time. Turn shaft (15) to seat bearings, then tighten six screws (9) to 5 lb.  in. 16-138