TM10-3930-660-34 16-21.PISTON PUMP - REPAIR (Cont’d) b.  Use fabricated tool (App.  C,  Fig. C-13) and an arbor press to install new bearing race (39) into housing (6).Press race until it bottoms against housing shoulder. c.  Install shaft (15) into housing (6) and check that bearing rollers (38) move freely in bearing race (39) as shaft is turned.  Remove shaft (15) from housing. d.  Use fabricated tool (App.C,  Fig. C-10) and an arbor press to install new shaft seal (41) into housing (6).End of seal (41) must be positioned 0.25 inches from edge of housing (6) (just below retaining ring (40) groove). e.  Install retaining ring (40). f.  Wrap plastic tape around spline end of drive shaft (15) to prevent damage to shaft seal (41). 4.   ASSEMBLE PUMP HOUSING COMPONENTS. a.  Place housing (6) on a clean, flat surface with shaft seal (41) end down. b.  Insert spline end of drive shaft (15) into housing (6).Position drive shaft so that front shaft bearing (38) is inside bearing race (39). c.  Install yoke spring (35) and seat (34) into housing (6). d.  Install yoke (26) into housing (6). e.  Install pintle bearings (31) on each end of yoke (26),  and install bearing races (30). 16-135