TM10-3930-660-34 16-21.PISTON PUMP - REPAIR (Cont’d) 9.   IF NECESSARY,  REMOVE TWO ALIGNMENT PINS (49) FROM HOUSING (6). 10.IF NECESSARY,  REMOVE TWO PLUGS (50) FROM COMPENSATOR (1). CLEANING THOROUGHLY CLEAN AND DRY ALL PARTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH REQUIREMENTS IN PARAGRAPH 2-10. INSPECTION 1.   INSPECT ALL PARTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH REQUIREMENTS IN PARAGRAPH 2-11. 2.   CHECK PISTON (7) MOVEMENT. Turn piston (7) on rod (8) 360 degrees. If binding occurs,  replace piston and rod. 3.   CHECK THAT CHECK VALVE SEAT (42) IS TIGHT WITHIN VALVE BLOCK (3) AND THAT IT DOES NOT PROTRUDE ABOVE THE VALVE BLOCK FACE. 4.   INSPECT PINS (16) FOR EQUAL LENGTH, EXCESSIVE WEAR,  AND BENDS. Replace all pins (16) if one is defective. 5.   INSPECT SHOE PLATE (19) FOR EXCESSIVE WEAR AND CRACKING IN THE AREA OF SPHERICAL WASHER (24). If heavy wear or cracks are found, replace the shoe plate (19) and spherical washer (24) at the same time. 6.   INSPECT PISTON SHOE (23). a.  Measure end play between piston and shoe.  End play must not exceed 0.005 inches between piston and shoe. 16-133 TM10-3930-660-34