TM10-3930-660-34 16-21.PISTON PUMP - REPAIR (Cont’d) d.  Remove retaining ring (21). Carefully loosen nut (C) and capscrew (B) until spring (21) is fully extended.  Separate spring washer (22),  spring (21),  and spring washer (23) from cylinder block (17). 4.   REMOVE YOKE (26) AND SHAFT (15). NOTE Be careful not to damage shims (27) when removing pintle covers (28). a.  Remove eight screws (28),  then remove pintle covers (29) from each side of housing (6). b.  Retain shims (27),  if possible, and use a micrometer to measure total shim thickness.  If bearing subassemblies (30,  31) are not defective,  the same shims (27), or a new shim with the same thickness,  will be needed to preload bearing subassemblies (30,  31) at installation. c.  Remove O-rings (32) and bearing spacer (33) from each pintle. d.  Slide yoke (26) from side to side to loosen yoke bearing races (30) within housing (6).Use an open end wrench between yoke (26) and pintle bearing (31) to help remove races (30).Apply pressure at the approximate center of bearing (31) and allow bearing rollers to gently press race (30) out of housing (6). e.  Remove yoke (26) and drive shaft (15) from housing (6) as an assembly. Turn yoke (26) at an angle and slide the two parts out of housing (6). f.  Remove seat (34) and yoke spring (35).Seat (36) and roll pin (37) will be attached to yoke (26). 16-131