TM10-3930-660-34 16-19.  MLRS ATTACHMENT CYLINDER - REPAIR (Cont’d) c. Use a spanner wrench to unscrew gland (9) from cylinder tube (10).  Pull gland (9) out of cylinder far enough to unseat 0-ring (11).  Allow oil to drain into container. CAUTION Use care when removing rod (8) and piston assembly to prevent wear ring (12) damage.  Keep rod (8) in line with cylinder tube to prevent binding. d. Remove rod (8) and piston assembly from cylinder tube (10). e. Place rod (8) and piston assembly on supports to prevent damage. f. Remove two wear rings (12). CAUTION Do not nick or scratch seal groove during removal of seal (13).  Failure to follow this precaution will cause part damage. g. Cut seal (13) and discard. NOTE The nut (14) may need to be heated with a torch for removal. h. Remove nut (14), washer (15) and piston (16).  Discard nut (14). i. Remove and discard O-ring (17) from piston (16) bore. 16-123