TM10-3930-660-34 16-19.  MLRS ATTACHMENT CYLINDER - REPAIR (Cont’d) DISASSEMBLY 1. USE A VISE WITH SOFT JAWS TO SECURE CYLINDER IN A HORIZONTAL POSITION FOR DISASSEMBLY. WARNING Hydraulic oil, under pressure, can remain within cylinder after disconnecting hydraulic hoses.  To avoid severe personal injury, slowly loosen counterbalance valve (1) and allow pressure to escape before removing valve entirely. 2. RELIEVE PRESSURE IN CYLINDER BY SLOWLY REMOVING COUNTERBALANCE VALVE (1).  DRAIN RESIDUAL OIL THROUGH VALVE HOLES INTO A SUITABLE CONTAINER. 3. REMOVE BACKUP RINGS (2 AND 3), TWO BACKUP RINGS (4), AND THREE O-RINGS (5, 6 AND 7) FROM EACH COUNTERBALANCE VALVE (1).  DISCARD O-RINGS (5, 6 AND 7). 4. DISASSEMBLE CYLINDER PARTS (8-24). CAUTION Do not scratch or damage the wear surface of rod (8), piston or gland (9). Follow this precaution to prevent failure of the cylinder. a. Pull rod (8) out approximately 5 inches for removal of gland (9). b. Place a container under gland (9) t o catch oil contained in cylinder. 16-122