TM10-3930-660-34 3-3.  ENGINE ASSEMBLY - REPLACE (Cont’d) 3.  REMOVE DRIVE SHAFT ASSEMBLY (1) FROM ENGINE DAMPENER (7). a.  Remove three capscrews (8) from engine coupling (9). b.  Temporarily install two of the capscrews (8) removed in step 3a into two jacking holes (10) of engine coupling (9). c.  Tighten two capscrews (8) evenly until shaft assembly (1) and engine coupling (9) separate from engine dampener (7). d.  Remove coupling (9) and shaft assembly (1) from vehicle as an assembly. 4.  NOTE ROUTING OF ENGINE AND STE/ICE WIRING HARNESSES.  TAG AND DISCONNECT: a.  Electric leads from rear flood light (11) and back-up alarm (12). b.  Electrical leads nos.  N and 60 from ’BAT’ terminal and electric lead no.  P from ’1’ terminal of alternator (13). c.  Battery ground cable (14) and wire no.  M from starter mounting capscrew. d.   Battery  positive  cable  (15)  and  wire  nos.    39,  T,  and  two  wires nos.  60 from starter solenoid terminal ’BAT’. e.  Wiring harness leads nos.  S and 38 from starter solenoid (16) terminal ’S’. f.    Electrical  leads  from  starter  relay  (17):  lead  no.    39  from  large rear  terminal,  lead  no.    38  from  large  front  terminal,  and lead no.  4A from rear small terminal. 3-5