TM10-3930-660-34 16-17.  FORK SIDESHIFT CYLINDERS - REPAIR (Cont’d) f. Install new seal (15) on outer piston (7). g. Lubricate inner diameter of inner gland (2) and seals (12 and 13) with clean hydraulic oil.  Slide inner gland (2) onto rod (1). h. Use solvent to clean threads of rod (1) and apply Loctite #242. Install inner piston (3) onto rod (1).  Use a strap wrench to tighten piston (3) and install setscrew (8).  Tighten setscrew (8) and stake. i. Lubricate inner diameter of outer gland (4) and seals (18 and 19) with clean hydraulic oil.  Slide outer gland (4) onto cylinder tube (6). j. Use solvent to clean threads of cylinder tube (6) and apply Loctite #242.  Install outer piston (7) onto cylinder tube (6) and tighten.  Install setscrew (14) into outer piston (7) and tighten.  Stake setscrew (14). k. Use solvent to clean threads of inner gland (2) and outer gland (4).  Apply Loctite #242. 1. Clean threads inside barrel (5). Slide outer piston (7) with cylinder (6) as an assembly, into barrel (5). m. Install outer gland (4) into barrel (5).  Tighten outer gland (4) until it is flush with end of barrel.  Do not overtighten outer gland (4). n. Slide inner piston (3) on rod (1) CAUTION into barrel (5).  Use a spanner wrench to tighten inner gland (2) Use care when installing rod (1) and until it is flush with end of piston assembly.  Keep rod (1) in line barrel (5). with barrel (5) to prevent binding. 2. INSTALL FORK SIDESHIFT CYLINDER TM10-3930-660-20. 16-111