TM10-3930-660-34 16-16.   BOOM EXTEND CYLINDER - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) f. Remove extend cylinder (18) with extend cylinder anchor (17) as a unit. CAUTION Remove cylinder from sling with care to prevent part damage. g. Remove two snap rings (19), one shaft (20) and extend cylinder anchor (17). h. Remove two hex head capscrews (21), two nuts (22) and two buckling braces (23 and 24). i. Remove two socket head capscrews (25) and wear pad (26). DISASSEMBLY 1. USE A VISE WITH SOFT JAWS TO SECURE CYLINDER IN A HORIZONTAL POSITION FOR DISASSEMBLY. WARNING Hydraulic oil, under pressure, can remain within cylinder after disconnecting hydraulic hoses.  To avoid severe personal injury, slowly loosen counterbalance valve (27) or (28) and allow pressure to escape before removing valve entirely. 2. REMOVE TWO COUNTERBALANCE VALVES (27 AND 28). NOTE Note and mark location of counterbalance valves (27 and 28) for use during assembly.  The valves (27 and 28) are not interchangeable. 16-100