TM10-3930-660-34 16-16.   BOOM EXTEND CYLINDER - REPLACE/REPAIR (Cont’d) CAUTION Retract cylinder before removal.  Failure to follow this precaution will cause part damage. 1. DISCONNECT HOSES (4). a. Remove four hex head capscrews (1), four lockwashers (2) and cover (3).  Discard lockwashers (2). b. Disconnect two hoses (4). 2. REMOVE PARTS (5-26). a. Remove snap ring (5), shaft (6), spacer (7) and two spacers (8). b. Remove two hex head capscrews (9), two lockwashers (10), two flatwashers (11) and bracket (12) with pulley (13).  Re-install capscrews (9), lockwashers (10) and flatwashers (11) to secure boom wear pad (14) in place. c. Place wood blocks underneath boom extend cylinder and inner boom. d. Remove eight hex head capscrews (15) and eight locknuts (16) from extend cylinder anchor (17).  Discard locknuts (16). NOTE Raise cylinder as needed with hoist and sling during removal to provide clearance over obstructions at rear of boom. e. Use a hoist and sling to pull extend cylinder (18) out, with extend cylinder anchor (17). Reposition hoist and sling as needed during removal of cylinder (18). 16-99