TM10-3930-660-34 16-15.   EXTEND AND RETRACT CHAINS - REPLACE (Cont’d EXTEND CHAIN INSTALLATION 1. INSTALL EXTEND CHAIN (6). a. Attach one end of extend chain (6) to clevis (12). Install pin (14) and two retaining rings (13). b. Tie rope (that was used during removal and found inside boom) to end of extend chain (6) just behind clevis (12). c. Pull rope with extend chain (6) through boom.  Pull rope through opening (A) in boom near clevis (12) mounting hole.  Remove rope from clevis (12) mounting hole and end of extend chain (6). d. Install clevis (12) with extend chain (6) into mounting hole.  Secure with flatwasher (11) and nut (10). e. If removal was necessary, install clevis (7), flatwasher (9) and nut (8). 16-96