TM10-3930-660-34 16-14.   WEAR PADS - REPLACE This task covers: a. Removal b. Cleaning c. Inspection d. Installation Initial Setup Tools Materials/Parts Tool Kit, Automotive, Mechanics Inserts (4) Lockwashers (2) Shop Equipment, Automotive Loctite #242 (App.  B, Item 41) Maintenance, Common #2 Less Power Tool Kit, Body and Fender Repair Equipment Condition Vehicle parked on level ground. Boom retracted. REMOVAL NOTE The amount of boom disassembly will depend upon location of wear pads being replaced. 1. DISASSEMBLE INNER AND INTERMEDIATE BOOMS AS NECESSARY FOR WEAR PAD REPLACEMENT, PARAS.  16-12.1 AND 16-12.2. NOTE Most wear pads have off-center mounting holes.  Note orientation of wear pads prior to removal. 2. REMOVE WEAR PAD WHICH NEEDS REPLACEMENT. a. Remove capscrews (1), lockwashers (2), flatwashers (3) and wear pads.  Some pads have spacers and shims.  Note quantity and locations of these items before removal.  Discard lockwashers (2). 16-91